Ok, my last post was titled “Manic Thursday”. Why you may ask? Because I honestly thought it was Thursday. In my mania I forgot what day it is. At this point I literally cannot remember what happened on Thursday and Friday. I woke up Saturday and thought it was Thursday. How ridiculous and scary is that? What if I did something amazing? What if I did something horrifying? This time loss can only be a few things.

1: Abduction. Lost time is a common factor among abductees.

2: Tumor. This could also explain my migraines.

3: Everyone is screwing with me and it really is only Saturday morning right now.

I truly believe that all 3 are possible. But I really can’t talk more about days I don’t remember. So on to the second half of my title. Foreshadowing…

I am currently on Google+ and I have downloaded all info from Facebook so I can have it should I decide to delete it. Also, it’s nice to have a local HTML file with my Wall, Friends, and Photos. I was looking through old posts and I found this:Not the Gary Busey part. I left that in for comedic value. The post above it. 25 months before I was diagnosed with heart failure, I said it was broken. I knew in my heart that my heart was broken. Weird, huh? Maybe I should have said “I’m married to a beautiful woman and we live in a cabin in the woods”. That would have been a better prediction. In fact, for 25 months from now (August 2013): “I graduated, got married, moved out of my aunt’s basement, bought a new car, and had a child. Her name is Persephone”. Good? Good. Thanks for stopping by.