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Someone tell me how I feel

Today feels full and busy. Feels like I have a million things to do and I only have today to do them. Truth is, the day is light. It’s actually just about a half dozen phone calls to make and then pick up around the house. Easy right?

In my head, there is nothing more terrifying than initiating contact with a company. I used to be a pro at it, but I haven’t had to call anyone for a year. Today I have to call my neurologist, cardiologist, insurance company, and then some incoming calls. The incoming ones aren’t as bad because all I have to do is answer and respond. The ones where I am required to initiate and explain what I need, want, and make sure my meaning isn’t lost is terrifying. They all have to do with my health and I always feel like I am missing something.

I don’t like being a grown up. Not one sodding bit. The bottom line is, I have to deal with these things now. Procrastination only leads to massive panic attacks later. So throw those curtains wide, one day like this a year would see me right. Thanks for stopping by.




The update is here. My adventure today was taking a placement test to enroll in SLCC to start work on my AS degree. Backstory you ask? Soitanly (certainly…)!

I am a high school dropout. Ish. I continued to go to school up until the last day of my senior year. I missed quite a few credits because I was not a homework kinda kid. I would go, learn, test exceptionally well, but never do homework.

I was a theatre student and a film student. Those were my passions and remain as such to this day. I spent time rehearsing and trying to be creative. So I never got a diploma. I fought so much against it calling it a silly piece of paper that wasn’t any true measurement at all. Many people I found less intelligent than myself graduated, so it was a broken system. But they graduated…looking back about those days I can see most of my gripe was out of a place of jealousy. I didn’t do the work and was a failure. Last night with the help of my older brother adm we applied for financial aid and to the school. Today I took the placement test and tomorrow I will go in for orientation, counseling, and to turn in financial documents. I am on my way to not feeling inadequate. I am a little nervous as I haven’t been in school for 8 years, but I am also excited. I will meet new people, maybe even find mrs. adn. Who knows? One thing I am sure of is I will take it very seriously. I also hope to get back in to theatre and film. So good feelings all around. Thanks for stopping by! 😀