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Today I had a follow up with the heart clinic. Lovey group of people with a singular goal: get you healthy. It’s their master plan if you will. Today revealed my weight was up quite a bit and my breathing was worse. The first thing I thought of was “what the cuss?! we had a master plan!

My diet and exercise have been the same since leaving the hospital in March with the exception of fluid restriction. As I am not retaining fluid, I do not have to ration. Pretty rational.

In fact, if anything, my exercise has become better. Longer distances, less breaks, working up a real sweat. le sigh

I also informed them of my predicament with my insurance coming to an end on Saturday and being out of pills. Plans were made for that and I will still see them on a monthly basis while we wait for medicaid to answer or for me to find a job. I submitted about 15 applications this morning, so I am hoping for a bite out there. Fishing is supposed to be peaceful. Not job fishing (I don’t hunt).

One strange thing happened today that had nothing to do with my health. More to do with my paranoia. A slender man came in to have his defibrillator checked. The same device I denied to be put in. Not that strange considering I was in a heart clinic. The strangeness, he was born on 11/19/1963. 22 years older than I. Maybe this is something all 11/19’ers share. Maybe CGB Spender had something to do with this illness too. Preparing for colonisation. Or maybe I should stop watching X-Files before bed. Mayhaps. Thanks for stopping by.




Today I had my two week checkup with the heart failure team. Things are going well with a few minor complications / adjustments.

Blood test revealed I am dehydrated and my potassium level is on the high side of normal. So they are cutting my evening dose of potassium and halving my evening dose of the diuretics. No additional water retention found and they think I am “bone dry”. They are also upping my dose of Coreg to 37.5 mg twice daily. So the news all around is pretty good. There was a slight increase in weight so I am going to increase my physical activity.

Now as far as the spasms / lightheadedness, the team is convinced it is because of the Coreg. It slows the heart and so I can get blood rushes to the head pretty quick. Will just keep an eye on it and call them if frequency or severity increases. As far as the spasms, it’s because of the meds also. The blood pressure is super low to take strain off my heart so I get cold and get the shivers easily.


All in all, good day. I also got my red dress pin to support research funding for heart disease. I know it says “Go red for women” but heart disease can affect everyone. Heart disease is a number 1 killer of women but as a man, I have this same disease with heart failure. I will wear the pin proudly to support research, funding, and information spreading. Thanks for reading and stopping by.