I’m back in a space I have come to fear and revere, my head. Silence becomes a close and sacred friend when it feels like the only words you can say come out in a terrible tornado. Destroying innocents and innocence.

I have been told from a very young age to think before speaking and if I couldn’t say anything nice not to say anything at all.

These are two mechanics I have spent a great deal polishing and tweaking as to not get into trouble and so as not to offend. The problem with this is that no matter what, someone, somewhere, somehow will take offence to what you say. This applies to things said to the person or near the person.

The next step in my life is to abandon all hope of caring. Be offended by me. Feel offended by my words. I have spent far too much time on trying to be acceptable and in doing so have only made exceptions to who I am as a person.

Consider this a formal resignation. I don’t hate or take offence to your interpretation of who I am. I am me. I am who I am. I can’t go on as anything else.

Thanks for stopping by.